Shave Brushes: Boar or Badger?

Shave Brushes: Boar or Badger?

A hot shower and shave. Basic male bathroom routine, right? Did you know that the key to getting the closest, smoothest shave possible is a shave brush, a simple tool that's been in barbershops for decades? A shave brush is essential to your shaving routine for a variety of reasons, including generating a rich lather, softening and lifting the hair off your face and gently exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead cells.

If you're shopping for a new shave brush, two popular types you may see have either boar hair or badger hair bristles. There's also horse hair and synthetic. Unfortunately, if you go the natural boar or badger hair route, you must know that the animals have to be killed to get the hair. Hopefully, that concerns you, so how do you choose? 

The boar hair brush is probably the most popular, easily found in grocery stores and drug stores, and most affordable. You can find a boar hair brush for as little as $10. As with many other boar brushes, it takes some time to break it in, but the more you use it, the better they become. They shed and there is a scent, which is a turnoff for many men; the scent never really fades away. 

Boar bristles are stiff and firm and can feel cold and rough against your face and might not be the best solution for men with sensitive skin, but may be great for very coarse beards. Boar hair bristles also work better with soap than cream.

Badger hair bristles brushes are a more expensive alternative and are better for men with sensitive skin. They don't shed as much, but they do smell for the first few uses. The bristles are soft and flexible and create good lather with different types of shave cream or soap. A badger brush has good heat retention and you will be able to apply a nice warm lather on your skin.

If animal cruelty for the sake of beauty and hygiene is a concern for you, there has been in increase in the selection of synthetic shaving brushes that are just as good as the badger shaving brush. Try Sir James's line of shaving brushes, which will be made from synthetic boar hair bristles, in combination with Sir James Shaving Cream.

This shaving cream was designed to combat even the toughest hairs. Charged with soothing Aloe, Papaya and Pineapple to help soften hairs, and includes skin nourishing Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. With excellent glide and staying power, Sir James Shaving Cream will stick to your skin without clogging up your razor. 

Your skin will thank you for feeling baby soft and smooth without the feel of razor burn.