How to Groom Your Beard

How to Groom Your Beard

Beards are in...again. And if you want to look great, you must groom that hair. Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow a beard, so if you are, learning the proper techniques for beard grooming is essential. A soft, well-groomed beard not only looks great, it's a fashion statement. Grooming makes it soft to the touch and doesn't cause itchy skin irritation. Win-win, right?

So, keep your beard clean and moisturized to prevent dryness and itching, which is the number one reason most men end up shaving it off. This is where a beard balm helps. Sir James Style Balm offers taming, shaping, thickening & moisture with low hold and low shine. Our balm helps to encourage growth, thickness, and long-lasting moisture and has a pleasant, masculine aroma.

One way to help with the itching that comes with a beard is beard oil. It hydrates the hair and keeps your beard under control which will help with styling. Sir James Beard Oil brings you a quality beard oil featuring certified organic ingredients and no synthetic fragrance, parabens or colorants. It provides control and healthy shine and works on all beard types. 

The proper tools will make it easy to keep your beard looking its best. A beard trimmer is a must if you don't have a thick beard and if it's cordless, that's even better. If you'd prefer, you can also purchase professional scissors and a comb to trim and sculpt your beard, but it takes a lot more time to do it this way. Scissors work well for men with longer beards who need more precision. One tip: Never trim a wet beard or you might cut off more than you'd like; a wet beard is usually longer than it is when dry.

Finding your beard line is important as it can enhance your face. And combing your beard is just as important as combing your hair and should be done right after showering while it's got some moisture so it's easier to style. 

Grooming a beard does take time, but when you see the results, it is well worth it.