How Self-Care Can Make You More Attractive

How Self-Care Can Make You More Attractive

Men. Self-care. Not usually words you see in the same article, are they? Self-care can be any positive changes you make in your life that make your mind, body and soul feel good, whether it's diet, proper skincare or seeking professional therapy. A new word has been coined, "bathsculinity", which is categorized as qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of young men who take pride in their appearance and feel confident in expressing their most attractive selves, inside and outside of the bathroom. Sir James for Men personal grooming products can help you be your most attractive self and live your best life.

Whether you’re taking your morning shower to invigorate yourself to start the day or washing away the grime from a day of hard work, Sir James All in One Body Wash  is powerful enough to achieve your goal but still gentle enough to use every day.

Sir James Men's Hair Shampoo is a natural plant-based shampoo enhanced with pure essential oils that normalize oil production, enhance circulation and support the health of hair and scalp. 

Sir James Shaving Cream was designed to combat even the toughest hairs. Charged with soothing aloe, papaya and pineapple to help soften hairs, and  includes skin nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter. Your skin will thank you, feeling baby soft and smooth without the feel of razor burn. 

Sir James Style Balm offers taming, shaping, thickening & moisture with low hold and low shine for beards and mustaches. Our balm helps to encourage growth, thickness, and long-lasting moisture and our beard oil features certified organic ingredients and no synthetic fragrance, parabens or colorants. 

Self-care for men isn't selfish. It's vital and men are realizing that paying attention to their minds and bodies doesn't just make them feel better, it helps the people they're in relationships with and makes them better partners, fathers, bosses and employees. More attractive and a win-win for everyone.